Welcome to The Digital HQ of Cerasonic, LLC.

Established 2013.

We are laying the bedrock for a creator revolution.

About Cerasonic

Cerasonic stands at the forefront of merging cutting-edge technology with creative expression. Founded by Rich Soni, we're dedicated to innovating in the fields of audio content production and technological solutions.

Cerasonic Original Productions

Rich Soni Music

Rich Soni, a prolific singer-songwriter, has made a significant mark in music with his extensive repertoire of over 80 original songs. His live performances, numbering over 70, are known for their length and intensity, showcasing his unique talent and passion for storytelling through music.

Learn more at richsoni.com.

The Rich Soni Podcast

Hosted by software engineer and songwriter Rich Soni, The Rich Soni Podcast is a longform interview style podcast which typically publishes a new episode once or twice a month.

Learn more at richsonipodcast.com.

Cerasonic Studios

Beyond the production of our Cerasonic Original Productions, Cerasonic Studios is also a hub for external talent, offering contract services in audio production and editing. We bring the same dedication and quality to client projects as we do to our originals, making our Studios a go-to destination for top-notch audio creative services.

Cerasonic Shop

Discover the exclusive range at Shop Cerasonic – featuring original merchandise that embodies the unique blend of technology and art at the heart of Cerasonic. From apparel to accessories, each item is designed for those who appreciate the innovative spirit of our brand.